Poetry: The Other Room

The other room
Where a woman pretends
To be weak
So that a man
Can believe he is strong
Where a woman pretends
To be foolish
So that a man
Can  say he is wise
Where a woman stoops
So that a man can conquer.

The other room
Where gods of  men
Become worshippers of women
Where leaders of thought
Become minions
Of the bleeders of blood
Where wielders of power
Succumb to power.

The other room
Where the brashness of testosterone
Yields  to the bra straps of estrogen
Where the bravado of masculinity
Is tamed by the wiles of femininity
Where the turgid
Becomes the flaccid

Three rooms
In a house
One in which a man
Believes he is king
Two in which
He realises
A woman is god!

Author unknown


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