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Principles You Must Know Before You Say I Do

Marriage is a special kind of institution of learning. Learning experience in the school can be rigorous but yet interesting and full of excitement. The following tips will help you establish a glorious home. You must know that:

  • Marriage is the only school where you are given a certificate before you start the lecturesYy
  • You will never graduate
  • You never have a break nor free periods
  • You are just a student, NOT a principal
  • You attend classes each days of your life
  • No sick leave, no holidays
  • Never go to sleep until you have completed the assignment for the day : Talk, thank and toast everyday
  • Communicate daily with your classmates, your spouse and with Jesus your principal
  • When you are tempted to quit, find courage to continue. Note, it is the best school where love is the major subject
  • It is very good to emphasize the word ‘LEAVE’ your father and mother…., though it’s difficult and, or painful for a while but it can and is usually really more painful later if not done.
  • One man, one wife is the foundation of every successful marriage
  • Walk in the freedom that is required to be whom you are created to be
  • If you find something you do not appreciate in your classmate, remember that he/she is a student like you NOT a graduate
  • No one is allowed to drop out

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