Reason Why You Should Shun Diet Drinks


Glasses with cola and ice cubes on a white background

Diet soda contains 140 calories less of the regular soda and still satisfies the need for a sweet drink because it contains artificial sweeteners such as saccharin so when it comes to counting calories diet soda is a good choice. But this chemical cocktail does more harm than good to the health.

Confuses the body: They stimulate the production of insulin which stimulate the body to store fat and one gains weight. Artificial sugar have more intense taste than regular sugar and long time use makes the sense less sensitive to natural sugar, artificial sugar affects the body the same way regular sugar does.

Bad for the skin: It reduces the pH level so the skin becomes dull and prone to acne. Healthy body and bright skin tone requires high alkaline levels.
May hurt the heart: Just one diet soft drink a day may boost the risk of having a vascular event such as stroke, vascular death, stroke etc according to researchers.


Affects the kidney: Study has shown that diet drinks can affect the kidney and regular consumption of just 2 drinks a day decreases the kidney functions by 30%.

No nutritional value: Diet soda has no calories just as it doesn’t contain any nutrient the body needs, replacing water with diet soda is not something one must do because water is essential for many metabolic processes. Instead of diet soda, try sparkling water.

Ruins ones smile overtime: Diet soda contains citric acids which weaken and destroy tooth enamel overtime.

Makes drinking more dangerous: Using diet soda as a low-calorie cocktail mixer has the dangerous effect of getting you drunk faster than sugar-sweetened beverages. Researchers believes this is so because the bloodstream is able to absorb artificial sweetener more quickly than sugar.


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