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Reason You Should Quit Road Side Snack Consumption


I am not a lover of the regular and common road side Nigeria snacks but sometimes when I’m badly hungry and know a trusted source that bakes snacks, I drop by to bye some.

I usually get disgusted at the sight of some road side snack, I mean foods like fried yams, fried Akara, roasted plantain, puff puffs, fried fish, roasted and boiled corns, and other snacks that are usually sold along the streets and at various bus stops. Perhaps its the way and manner they display it in open air, free for dust and fly to peach on.

I remember once upon a time I was on my way back home after running an errand, with the scorching sun and bad traffic experience that left me very hungry. I stopped to buy roasted plantain aka ‘Boli’. And after just 1-2 days, I fell ill.  Fast forward to after I got married, a friend to the house spoke of a peppered kpomo he usually enjoys eating. Guess where  he bought it from? A so called ”Mama put” he managed to convince hubby to have a taste while they where busy watching Football match. To cut long story short, that night, hubby had diarrhoea.

Of course there are many out there who would share similar sentiment with me.  On the contrary, these snacks which are technically called “ready to eat foods” have actually become part of the regular diets of many particularly the rural and local dwellers and it doesn’t pose any threat to their health.

But the truth to the matter is that such food pose a risk to our health. These roadside food outlets are making many consumers especially children and women vulnerable to fatal diseases such as cholera, typhoid and gastroenteritis. The utensils and containers used in making these road sides ready to make snacks are usually not very clean. All these unhygienic handling deter me from enjoying  them.

Well, if you must consume these snacks, chose to buy from sellers you can trust as regards how they handle the issue of hygiene in their production or cooking process.


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