Refreshing Fashion Styles For This Hot Season

The weather now is so hot that one really needs to take note of outfits he or she wears. It is time to throw away all those heavy fabrics, leather and basically anything too tight.


hhhhhheBut remember that the rise in temperature is no excuse to let down your dressing standard, instead of using the heat as an excuse to relax your dress code, see it as an opportunity to incorporate colour, new fabrics and styles into your wardrobe. You can still be stylish in this hot weather.


Light colours: Dark colours are heat conductors because they absorb more light and retain heat while light colours reflects light making them cooler to wear in the heat season. So, avoid dark colours. Buy light colours that will let air ‘enter into your body’. Bright colours also make you easy to spot in the crowd. Wear light colours like yellow, pink, white, baby blue, creams etc.

chinosTrousers: Skip the jeans and choose chinos or linen trousers. But if you still want to wear jeans, wear lightweight jeans. Don’t wear thick jeans that will absorb light and retain heat. Shorts are also an option in this hot weather.

Sunglasses: Wear sunglasses in order to keep the sun away from your face and to avoid sunburn, sunglasses give outfits another stylish look which also beautify one’s combination and also saves one from sunburn.2016-Highest-quality-Hot-fashion-font-b-men-s-b-font-and-women-s-hombre-font

asos-goldwhite-midi-lace-bodycon-with-gold-stripe-product-1-8170287-477948554Breathable fabric: It is important to allow air circulation in the body to maintain a cool body temperature. Fabrics for hot climates should maximize the flow of air through the clothing, allowing heat and moist air to escape.

Fabrics that trap moisture tend to create unpleasant odours. Cotton is extremely comfortable and allows your body to breathe with ease. It absorbs excess sweat, linen and other natural fibers also breathe and are good at absorbing moisture. Synthetic fibers tend to be water-repellent; they allow sweat to build up, reducing evaporation and causing discomfort and irritation. Silk is also not a good choice as it tends to retain heat. Silk can lose some of its strength through exposure to strong sunlight and perspiration.


sandalShoes: Wear shoes that are breathable along with lightweight cotton or wool socks in fun and bright colors. This is definitely not the season for boots. If you must wear a closed toe shoe, wear converse shes otherwise wear flip flops or sandals.





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