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So Sad: Nigeria Ranked Amongst Top 10 Most Dangerous Places For Americans To Visit!! (See Our Position)

The United States office has positioned Nigeria as the fifth most unsafe place for Americans to visit.

The positioning comes as a major aspect of the State Department’s most recent issue of advisories to keep Americans who travel abroad sheltered.

The rankings mull over what potential dangers Americans might be confronted with in nations they are visiting.

With data sourced from warnings and actual deaths recorded for Americans in other countries, Business Insider reported that “data from Priceonomics customer data.world, a platform that ties many different data sets together so it’s easy to analyze them” was used in analysing the rankings.
Based on the data obtained, Mexico was found to have the most travel warnings followed by Mali, and Israel.
Based on the frequency of the travel warning, Americans are believed to be faced with life-threatening danger in the regions including places such as Thailand, Pakistan, and Honduras.
With Pakistan and Israel occupying the third position in a tie of 25 warnings, Iraq comes fourth and Nigeria which ties with Syria and Afghanistan comes fifth on the ranking.
See list below:
Business Insider added that “most other countries on this ranking are participants in ongoing international conflicts (e.g., Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan), or are sites in which extremist groups regularly carry out terrorist attacks (e.g., Mali, Nigeria, Syria).”

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