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Safety Expert Calls For Action Against Youth Drug Abuse

A safety expert, Engr. Timothy Iwuagu, has advocated for more programmes to reduce drug abuse among youths in the country. Iwuagu who is also the chairman, Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON) Lagos Branch, made the call in an exclusive interview with National Mirror.
According to him, more Nigerian youths are abusing psychoactive substances and this is due to unemployment, peer group pressure, anxiety, frustration, economic depression, unemployment and social deprivation. Iwuagu, while reacting to the proposed job creation promise by Federal government said there was a need for National Orientation Agency to educate the youth on effects of drug abuse so that they can function effectively in their job. “One of the ways youths can be rescued from the harmful effects of drug abuse is to educate them on its destructive effects and peer group influence.
The youths do not know the effect of taking drugs and its consequences so lack of education is the main bane. They need proper education on the dangers of drug. Some of them go into it for experimentation, because their mate is taking it, they decided to take it.”, he revealed. Iwuagu stated that 80 percent of auto accidents are drug-related, adding that youths are more prone to using and abusing drugs. He said that most of the crimes and vices, whether domestic or societal, such as rape, robberies, kidnapping, murder, arsons and others, are products of drug intake.


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