Save The Date!! According To Science, This Is The Day Your Partner Is Most Likely To Cheat!!

It can be a very painful experience when one is being cheated on by his/her partner so any way to get ahead of the situation is usually welcome.

Experts who focus on cheating have revealed that Friday was the day of the year when your partner is most likely to have an affair outside the relationship.

Cheating partners

It was revealed that a person is more likely to cheat on a Friday.

A website called Illicit Encounters, dedicated to people who want to have affairs, revealed that “unfaithful Friday” was the best day of the year to be a cheat.

Further research shows that November 18 is the day of the year when most people cheat. The researchers believed that this might be because it is a day that comes before all the commitments of the Christmas season so cheating partners might want to get in a quick one before the festive season.

Cheating partner

Study showed that a high percentage of cheaters had affairs in November

72 percent of the website’s male users admitted that they did cheat on their partner on November 18.

The video below highlights some reasons why women cheat in hopes that you can spot a problem before it manifests in an affair.

What is the best way to prevent your partner from cheating?


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