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When You See These 10 Signs, You Are Old…….Get Married (+Video)

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Bella of iambrownie.com talks about marriage in a new funny video and she’s sharing 10 signs that she’s noticed that indicate that she’s getting old and she feels we can relate to most of them. At 23 years old, she mentions signs like people taking her relationships a lot more serious now and expecting marriage. She said the way people in her house look at her current boyfriend Moses, it’s obvious they are expecting  him to propose now.

Aside from that, she’s constantly being asked about marriage, “Everywhere I go… Marriage, marriage, marriage! Everywhere I look… Marriage, marriage marriage! Every time I sneeze somebody is legit getting married and or engaged.” Bella also add that her mum now expects her to start paying bills and doesn’t hold her hand any longer when she’s crossing the road… Haha! She also can’t relate to anyone under 15 anymore.

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