See How Man’s P*nis Dwindled After Giving A Stranger Direction In Lagos Market (+Photos)


The victim stated that the man had asked him about a vehicle that would take him to Oshodi from Idumota and after he gave him directions, he noticed something had ‘gone off’ his body. He immediately checked his privates and lo and behold! it had shrunk in size.

According to Goldmyne TV, there was commotion in the market yesterday after a fracas ensued between the victim and another fellow whom he alleged reduced his manhood after he gave him directions.

What was supposed to turn out a normal day at popular Jankara market in Lagos Island ended with an unidentified man ‘missing’ several inches of his manhood after he gave a stranger directions.

The man accused of taking part of someone’s manhood

This was when he confronted the man he gave directions to, accusing him of using charms on him and demanding for his p*nis to be restored.

The ‘Victim’ (in green Tee & ragged jeans) claims his manhood shrunk upon giving a stranger directions


There are no reports as to whether the p*nis was eventually restored to it original size or if the culprit was arrested.


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