See The 10 Celebs With Ugly Feets

Between 12 hour days on set, late nights out on the town, and frequent cardio sessions (to stay in shape), celebrities are on their feet most of the time. The paparazzi expose celebrities to no end, and photographic evidence of flaws on the seemingly flawless can make them a pretty penny. The paparazzi even take pictures of stars feet, especially if they’re deformed.

On scorching hot summer days in L.A., celebs have little choice but to expose their feet— even if they look more like hooves. Most stars have pristine toes, but others have toes that look like someone took a hammer and smashed them. That’s what happens from wearing narrow heels— don’t make yourself suffer for the sake of expensive shoes! Others have naturally ugly feet; blisters, bunions, calluses, corns, you name it— and some even have six toes!

These celebrities have loads of money, but it seems like they can’t part with it to fix their horrible feet. Even I, an old lady, splurge on monthly pedicures for myself and my kitties. Here are 10 celebs who have shockingly ugly feet.

#10 – Angelina Jolie

Famous For: Her pouty lips and for turning Brad Pitt into Mr. Angelina Jolie.

Oh, Angie. You’re the most beautiful woman on the planet, but it seems like you have one major flaw: your feet. That’s okay, you’re a mom of six. Your kids probably like running around barefoot in your backyard and they (most likely) make you do the same thing. I know being a mom is hard, but there’s no harm in having your feet pampered.

Also, what’s up with your ankle, honey? Did it get sprained? Is it swollen? You should have that checked.

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: Angie’s charity efforts. She’s a strong woman and she uses her power wisely. Angie juggles being a famous actress, a wife, a mother, and helping out kids from war-torn countries. Also, can we focus on her husband, too? Brad’s like fine wine. He has aged well and he’s still yum!

#9 – Michelle Yeoh

Famous For: Being a Bond Girl and is one of the most beautiful martial artists in film

first saw Michelle in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” back in 2000. That was fifteen years ago and I’ve only recently noticed how bad her feet are. Her big toe looks like it’s clinging onto her feet for dear life and her little toe seems like it’s asking for help. I’ve concluded that Michelle’s feet must have taken a toll from all of her martial arts training.

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: She’s 52, people! Michelle looks damn good. She only has time to preserve her youth, no time for foot spas.

#8 – Kim Kardashian

image: http://staticimg.oldcatlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/28110744/Kim-Kardashian.jpg

Famous For: Kim became famous from making a sex tape.Now? She’s famous for starring on a reality show with her family, and for marrying an equally egotistic person in the form of Kanye West.

Didn’t Kris Jenner inform Kim that it’s dangerous to wear heels while you’re pregnant? Aside from the obvious hazards of accidentally tripping or falling, there’s the looming threat of pain all over your feet and your legs.

You were not only in pain, but became a laughing stock because of your swollen feet in heels, Kim.

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: Her butt. It’s been years since I first found out about Kim and I’m still fascinated by her butt. I know, she looks a bit unrealistic, but come on! I just know that one of my cats would perch on top of it for hours and she wouldn’t even notice.

#7 – Jennifer Aniston

image: http://staticimg.oldcatlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/28110727/Jennifer-Aniston.jpg

Famous For: Being Rachel on “Friends” and for being one of the highest-paid women in Hollywood. Also, her ex-husband was Brad Pitt.

Jen’s feet are all veiny and boney— similar to what an old lady’s feet (like mine) look like. Jen’s 46, but she looks like she’s still in her 20’s. Her feet must be taking in all of the aging!

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: That Jen looks the same as she did in her high school yearbook photo. Courtney Cox could take a note or two from Jen about how to maintain your good looks without going under the knife. They were both pretty on “Friends”, but Courtney doesn’t look so pretty anymore.

#6 – Kate Moss

image: http://staticimg.oldcatlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/28110737/Kate-Moss.jpg

Famous For: Being one of the original Big Six models of the 80’s and 90’s. Kate Moss is the reason why being a “size zero” became “in” in fashion.

Ah, the world of modeling. These tall women typically have size 10 feet, but the fashion show organizers provide size 7 shoes. What do these models do? Tough it out and walk the runway. Their faces might say “high fashion” but their feet are screaming bloody murder.

I just didn’t expect this method to actually turn Kate Moss’ toes into different lengths.

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: Kate has had a lot going on recently. From messy nights with Lady Gaga to dragging a photographer out of a private party. Nonetheless, it seems like Kate has calmed down because her daughter, Lila Grace, is now a teenager and probably needs her to set a good example.

#5 – Oprah Winfrey

image: http://staticimg.oldcatlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/28110801/Oprah-Winfrey.jpg

Famous For: Being America’s only African-American billionaire, and she’s a woman! Girl power, Oprah.

My, my. Oprah does get pedicures, but her bunions need some serious help. Oprah had a difficult childhood and had to hustle a lot to get to where she is now, so I guess her feet were the last of her concerns. Still, with her $3 billion net worth, you’d think she would have gotten those bunions removed by now.

I do kinda like the sandals that she’s wearing in this photo. I should ask one of the cats to find me a similar pair on the internet…

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: Aiming to be just like her. It’s never too late to be the next Oprah, girls. She’s who you want to be when you grow up. Oprah is incredibly wise and kind, and highly successful.

#4 – Halle Berry

image: http://staticimg.oldcatlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/28110717/Halle-Berry.jpg

Famous For: Being a Bond girl, a mutant on the X-Men movie series, and as of 2014, is the only woman of color to have ever won an Oscar for Best Actress.

Halle Berry has six toes. Six. Remember that the next time you feel flawed, ladies. Even one of the most beautiful woman on the planet has extra (albeit, tiny) limbs on her body and she works it like the boss that she truly is.

Eh, having six toes just means there’s more to love of Halle!

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: Her new show, “Extant”. I’m not a huge fan of science fiction, but “Extant” is good! Halle plays an astronaut who went into space and returned to Earth suddenly pregnant! It’s like a soap opera, but it involves science-y stuff!

#3 – Steven Tyler

Famous For: Being the “Demon of Screamin’”, lead singer of Aerosmith, and being a judge on American Idol.

Being a man, Steven isn’t expected to have pretty feet, but I like the blue nail polish, I think it’s chic. What I don’t like is how his second toe is overtaking his big toe, as if it was saying, “Hey big toe, get out. I’m taking your place!”

Instead Of His Feet, We Should Focus On: How he’s gradually morphing into a grandmother. I could see myself inviting Steven over to my house on a Sunday afternoon for some tea and gossip. The cats would adore him! I’d advise Steven not to wear any of his expensive scarves beforehand, as they’d probably get turned into scraps of fabric.

#2 – Elle Macpherson

image: http://staticimg.oldcatlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/28110707/Elle-Macpherson.jpg

Famous For: Appearing five times on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which earned her the moniker of “The Body”.

As with Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson is a model, so her feet get forced into tiny shoes. Kids, this is what happens when you wear ill-fitting shoes. The bones in your feet get confused and they start going to places where they’re not supposed to.

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: Her body. At 50, it seems like her body is defying age gravity— and I don’t think she’s undergone any form of major plastic surgery. Elle could give those new models a run for their money if she ever decided to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated again.

#1 – Lisa Rinna

image: http://staticimg.oldcatlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/28110749/Lisa-Rinna.jpg

Famous For: Starring on “Days of Our Lives” and “Melrose Place”.Lisa was also on “Dancing With the Stars”, and is one of the main housewives on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

Are her toenails… dead? They look so thick and yellow, and appear to be crumbling. Lisa has the time and money to get plastic surgery, but can’t get her toenails fixed?

Girl, find a nail technician asap and resurrect your dead nails!

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: That she’s on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. I’m not caught up on the show yet, but I had my cats DVR all of the episodes. My reality show cat, Sunny, tells me that Lisa’s pulled off some extravagant things like a jewelry party. I should get in on that soon!



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