Shocking!!! Exam Candidate Loses Sight After Drinking Ethanol


An 18-year-old student is reportedly battling with his sight at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital after he drank ethanol with his friends.

A report by Daily Nation News, states that the unidentified boy who is a student of Narok Secondary School in Kenya drank the ethanol on Friday, November 25, after writing his Chemistry exams.

It was also reported that the student who cannot speak nor eat may recover his sight after an eye specialist visited him at the hospital to place him on special treatment, as well as given the victim beer as an antidote to neutralize the ethanol he had taken.

His worried mother, Josephine Lankenua, bitterly complained after she learned of her son’s condition two days after the incident.

‘My son did not sit his biology paper on Monday, November 28 because he could neither see, speak nor eat. The paper was brought to him while at the hospital but he was unable to do it because of his condition.’

‘It was wrong for the school to hide information from me until when he was being transferred to Nakuru for treatment. The Ministry of Education should probe the matter as well as allow my son to sit the papers he’s missed.’


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