Simple Skin Care Routine For A Perfect Skin

Skin-Care-RegimensWhen it comes to skincare, it is important to start young. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin and you can start now. Some of those skin routine you might heard of and some may be new to you but when you try it, you start your journey to a flawless skin.

Do not sleep with your make up on: Sleeping with make-up on decreases the body’s ability to repair itself, no matter how tired you might be clean off make up on your face so your face skin can breath well.0e670107dfa038c523b6869689b7499a

Clear you skin with apple cider vinegar: Apple cider keeps the skin glowing and clear, it heals break out fast and does not have harsh chemicals.

Sugar: Exfoliate your skin with sugar, it helps get rid of unwanted dead skin cell and moisturizes the skin. Make sugar one of your daily body scrub.


Vaseline: Try using vaseline to remove your make up, it moisturizes your skin and it helps to stop wrinkles forming too.

Use a small amount of eye cream to moisturize the your face. Face creams work great on the body to


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