Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Fight against bed bugs in house conditions is a rather labor-consuming process, but almost always very fast.

By means of modern remedies, it is possible to find room for all procedure in one day, for which there shouldn’t be anybody in the apartment. But before getting rid of bugs in house conditions, it is necessary to make sure that neighbors don’t have them.

Ways to get rid of bed bugs The range of remedies, by means of which destruction of bugs in house conditions is possible, is rather wide today. Known ways of fight against bugs are divided into several groups: ➔ physical ➔ chemical ➔ traditional ➔ special services Use of these means is always up to the owner and inhabitants of the specific house/apartment, their financial position, and circumstances.

If to consider the first factor – the cost of destruction of room bugs, then the call of professional services is significantly more expensive than independent actions. But public health services provide the guaranteed exile of bugs from the room. How to get rid of bed bugs yourself? In general, independent removal of bugs in house is carried out practically as well as its specialized option. At the same time, the person determines the size of the processed surface. In certain cases, there will be enough processing  one sofa for obtaining the necessary result. Such action is most expedient at low contamination of the apartment with bugs or at very small room space.

Limitation of the budget of a family or too high cost of specialized services in the specific city/town/region can also become the decisive factor when choosing the way to fight against bed bugs in house. Anyway, whatever remedy you choose, it is necessary to remember that chemical insecticides are poisonous for the human being as well and can cause a number of allergic reactions in the organism. Cases of a serious poisoning due to incorrect using of special remedies and violation of safety measures during the work with them are frequent. Such actions can’t be carried out by people inclined to allergic reactions, children or pregnant women. How to get rid of bugs by means of chemical remedies?

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to remember the following:

☛ any person who is going to get rid of little blood-suckers has to use rubber gloves and a bandage for the protection of hands and airways against chemicals, poisonous not only for room bugs but also for a person

☛ it is better to carry out all manipulations in closed clothes (for example, in a sports suit), which leave as little open sites on the skin as possible

☛ tie a scarf or put any other headdress on

☛ after processing of the apartment, it is necessary to go out of doors, to wash up hands and a face with soap water carefully and to change clothes.

How to get rid of bed bugs naturally? Among ways of getting rid of bed bugs in house conditions, there is a number of those, which were used by our ancestors prior to production of synthetic sprays.

Turpentine, kerosene, denatured alcohol, cresol, and vinegar are the most known from these. Each of them in pure form or as a part of the complex solution can be applied on the infected or alleged habitats of bugs in the apartment daily throughout the long period. At the same time, mixes based on kerosene and turpentine with the addition of the naphthalene or camphor, are possible to be used for processing of corners of wooden furniture, floors, and plinths. Use not rubber, but special polyethylene gloves.

However, sofas, beds, chairs and carpets can be spoiled by such means, as their oily basis will leave spots. Usually, alcohol solutions are used for processing of a fabric surface. For example, 5 grams of naphthalene are mixed in a glass of denatured alcohol. Anyway, the processed apartment should be left for some time, at least for about 6-8 hours (a day or two better). The pungent smell of these remedies won’t allow falling asleep. Is it worth to use specialized services? Often the firms specializing in the processing of apartments make removal of bugs for once regardless of the sizes of the processed room. Usually on a case of detection of room bugs after such processing, the service gives a guarantee for the free repeated procedures.

One minus of such way of fight against room bugs is a full isolation of the placement for the period of influence of an insecticide: usually 6-7 hours. During this period, all inhabitants have to be evacuated from the apartment; ware, tableware, and personal care products should be densely packed.




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