Is It Societal Double Standard Or We Are Simply Just Being Nigerians???

Nigerian men are born and raised as Kings while the girls are raised to be submissive and worship the men. When it comes to the things men and women can/should do, they are clearly spelt out not by laws but by societal behavior. There are certain things a woman may want to do, she is seen as going overboard and ruled out as a rebel. There are so many limitations for the Nigerian girl or woman but the man sway higher than the eagle and it is totally OK! There are so many situations that give credence to these assertions and those are the points we have looked at in this piece…

Cheating: This isn’t a Nigerian thing but a world thing because even in the days of Jesus, when a woman was caught in adultery, she was brought by a mob before Jesus so she can be stoned; just her not with the man. Adultery is an offense committed by two people but the man was obviously absent from the scene. A Nigerian woman would be dragged, humiliated, hung on the stake and roasted for cheating but the man always goes free because he has the right to more than one woman.

Family: The man and woman go to work and they come back as tired as hell but the man goes straight into the shower, refreshes himself and curls in front of the TV or goes through the days newspaper while the woman slugs it out in the kitchen and she dares not ask him to help her with anything because he’s the man and that isn’t his job but paying the bills are his duty but they still split it anyways.

Upbringing: In most Nigerian homes, what often play out is that the girl child is taught from a very tender age to wash plates, sweep and learn to cook while the boy child is allowed to go play soccer with his peers.


Marriage: When women reach a certain age, they are expected to start thinking about settling down and starting their own family, It is totally a sin for a Nigerian woman to make up her mind never to marry or marry late. There has to be something wrong about her. Also a married woman of the same age, is given so much respect because she has a ring on her finger and stays in a man’s house but a successful single woman is either mocked or tongue lashed because she isn’t married.

Relationship: The man strictly decide where the relationship goes, they decide whether they want to marry a woman or not. A woman could be in a relationship with a man for many years and the man may decide never to pop the question. It only happen when the man is ready not the other way around.

Is this the best way things should work???



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