Steps That Will Keep You Both In Love

black-couple-happyThe main problem with many relationships today is the fact that they start out great and fizzle out in the middle because both parties can’t seem to sustain the love and intimacy between them for a long time. The problem is not falling in love, it is staying in love. Below are little ways and a steps for a couple to take to stay in love:

Never stop finding things to laugh about:
Research shows that laughter comes before s3x on the scale of importance in a relationship. It deepens your love when you both share a great sense of humor. It will also provide protection for you both against fights or prolonged anger.

Find new things to try or experience together:
Monotony is the one thing that can dull a relationship – when you both fall into the same old routine doing the same things. However, when you both do new things together, you will create new bonds and new memories along with those new experiences, it is a great way to continue to grow as a couple.

Have you heard of the love language?
These are the unique ways that each person gives and receives love. It is peculiar to each person and it is important for each person to be aware of their partner’s languages in love so they can speak it between each other. When you know the language of their love, you can always redeem your relationship no matter how bad things get. From doing little things to make their day special or finding different ways that are special to them so you show them that you love them and how important they are to you.

Never jeopardize your alone time
Even when you’re spending each morning or night with your partner, it is very easy to become distracted with the other day-to-day happenings around you. Do you know the number one killer of love? Distractions! So, don’t count your daily time together as ‘alone time’. You MUST map out some time for yourself and your partner from time to time where you both can let go of any distractions and just catch up with each other.

From your alone time, you both should always have your intimacy talks… have conversations where you both are focused on each other talking about your intimate life or the lack of it, also talking about ways to improve the intimacy between you both, talking about your s3x life and just reveling in all the intimate aspects about you. A lot of couples don’t talk about anything intimate between themselves for lack of courage and they should!

Of course, with your talks of intimacy comes working on your s3x life and finding new ways to spice it up. After all, the idea of talking about intimacy is all in favor of improving intimacy between each other .
You should always share in each other’s interests. No matter what they are, find ways to find an interest in the things that interest your partner. It will give you both other ways to stay connected with each other. A relationship that consists of partners who don’t share any similar interests between themselves will fizzle out quicker than one where both partners do.

You should surprise each other from time to time:
Don’t just let it end with the honeymoon phase of the relationship, let surprises be a habit that comes with your relationship – outdoing each other with unplanned surprised, leaving love notes etc.
Love is a great feeling; it is the foundation of any relationship but without the necessary work done to sustain it, it remains just a feeling – a feeling that can fizzle out just as it expanded.


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