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How To Stop Illegal Pasting Of Blurbs And Posters In Lagos

In this most recent piece by Mr. Jacob proposes the answer for illicit sticking of blurbs in Lagos. It is basic information that we have a poor upkeep culture, particularly of open structures and offices in Nigeria. As it’s said it has a place with government… it’s no man’s property, so a considerable measure of freedoms is taken at how it’s utilized.

Of particular concern is the irresponsible splatter of posters of all kinds on public structures and facilities. Needless to say the unsightly and dirty look of layers of various posters that jostles for attention as one walks or drives along the road tend to be a source of constant distraction and traffic hazard. The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) was established in 20016 during the Bola Ahmed Tinubu regime which was to be responsible for regulating and controlling outdoor advertising and signage displays in Lagos state.

LASAA since then have been trying to curb and control the illegal pasting of posters in Lagos to no avail because LASAA are not following the right method to control this. LASAA are not following the right method in the sense that during elections, politicians will flood Lagos with campaign posters and LASAA will play blind eyes to it until when elections are over that’s when you know this agency is active, after the election you will see them with their vehicles at various locations in Lagos removing posters on the wall especially under overhead bridges. In this same Lagos, political groups, corporate organizations and religious bodies, do compete to paste posters of different colours or sizes on school fences, office walls, road median and parks, also deface or destroy decorations or paintings on some of the public buildings.

My investigation revealed that, the people that paste these posters belong to a cabal or a company that collect money from their clients and paste these posters around to deface the beauty of the state. I can confirm this because if you go out today you will see some posters on the wall that reads “We paste posters nationwide, call us on 080xxxxxxxx to paste your posters”…many have turned this to a job they do year in year out knowing exactly that is illegal to carry out such act. If you walk around Lagos, you will see how displaced signboards have constituted dangers on the roads, while numerous posters that peel off the wall often make the streets dirty or block water ways and drainage systems.

The one I can really recall is when I saw the team of LASAA early this year removing posters at Dopemu under bridge while I was going to Ikeja on a Monday morning, on Tuesday morning I saw that posters were back fully on the wall of this same bridge. How can this illegal pasting of posters be controlled in Lagos? The only way for the government to curb illegal pasting of posters is by getting those behind it arrested and prosecuting them. You can get this people by calling the phone numbers they put up on their posters that you have a job for them, once they come arrest them and prosecute and fine them at least it will be reduced.

For corporate organizations, churches and political groups or parties responsible for pasting of posters and erecting of illegal signboards, all you can do is to take them to court and let them be fined too and others will learn from it. A law should be put in place, if a law already exist, let it be enforced properly just like the law of street trading. Am sure that, the point I have raised here is worked upon, the illegal pasting of posters and signboards will be reduced to the barest minimum or stopped.



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