For Stylish Men: Tips On How To Wear YourBright Coloured Socks In Style

These bright coloured socks not only stand out, they liven up a simple outfit and display creativity in the man’s outfit. There are a variety of cool trendy socks available so you, as the 21 st century classic man has to be ready to wear them stylishly.


Here are tips on how to wear your bright coloured socks in style.

Let your socks coordinate with the rest of your outfit: Try your best to avoid colour clashing between your socks and your outfits. It’s always better to have a link between the two so it goes well together. Even if it’s a tiny piece of a cravat or a pocket square. You can also decide to pick one of the colours from your shirt to wear, and wearing socks in a similar shade.

Stick to basics: For newbies, it is highly recommended that you kick off with socks with less than three colors. With time, you get to combine in the right manner. Also, traditional patterns like argyle or paisley are very safe when you are having a difficult decision choosing your coloured socks.

No ankle socks: The point of the coloured socks is to flaunt it. So why then are you hiding your socks? The socks shouldn’t be too small and the shoes, as well shouldn’t be too big. If you got it, flaunt it.

Tone it down: It is necessary for you to pay attention to levels of contrast after wearing the socks. That is, monitor the change of colours from one outfit to the other. In conclusion, wear your colored socks to show off extra colour coordination and to give life to your outfit.


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