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Sunnyside Police Officers Assault an Unarmed Nigerian on the Street of Pretoria, South Africa

Stories and video clips of Nigerian been assaulted by South Africa Policemen is no longer a story of the past as a new and fresh story hits the internet again.

South African police officers were allegedly caught on video assaulting an unarmed Nigerian on the street of Pretoria, South Africa which was led by Batista, who is a Police officer at Sunnyside Police station and also an alias with the criminal police officers involved in the criminal activities.

Sources also revealed Sunnyside policemen and Batista have been involved in a lot of negative activities and assaults of Nigerians based in Pretoria by entering their houses to rob them, also outside the bank and on the streets.

The Nigerians in South Africa are calling out to the Nigerian Consulate, South Africa as the issues has become too much in the town and a solution should come forth soon. ARE NIGERIANS SAFE IN SOUTH AFRICA?

Watch the videos below:




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