Tasty Kunuzaki (Millet Drink)


Kunu is a popular Nigerian drink made of germinated grains mostly millet. It is also known as kunuzaki and particularly popular in the Northern part of Nigeria.

This drink has two forms depending on the main ingredient used; Kunu Zaki from millet and Kunu Gyada from rice.


  3cups Millet

  1/2 cup Sweet potatoes (Fresh or Dried)

  1 Tablespoon Ginger (Fresh or Dried)

  1 teaspoon Cloves

  Sugar to taste

  2 Litres Water


  •  Wash millet to remove stones (in case there are any), Soak Millet for 10 hours in cold water (preferably overnight).
  •  Pound sweet potatoes, ginger and cloves. Put millet and all the other things you have pounded together and ground or blend.
  • Mix the blended or grounded millet into paste and divide the paste into two parts. Set one part aside.
  • Boil some water. Pour the boiling water into the remaining paste and stir until it’s thick, just like pap (akamu) leave it uncovered and allow it to cool.
  •  Then pour the other part you’ve kept aside and stir (after sometime it’s going to be a bit watery, which is okay).
  • Leave it to stay overnight (it is better to do the whole thing in the evening except for the soaking that should be done in the morning).
  • Sieve it in the morning. Add sugar to your taste

  It’ s best enjoyed chilled.


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