13 Signs Children Exhibit When They Join Bad Company

1. When their curfew is 7pm and they are just strolling in by 7:05pm.


2. When they want to go and live on their own even though they are only in their early thirties.

move to where

3. When you make a mistake and they have the mind to correct you.


4. When you wake them up by 5 am to pray and they are frowning face.


Why are they frowning? They don’t like Jesus again.

5. When they refuse to eat rice for the 70th time in a row.


6. When your son refuses to barb gorimapa and shave his beard.

nigerian dads

7. When your daughter’s weave has started passing her shoulder.


8. When you see them resting on holiday instead of reading their book.

look side

9. When they start popping collar and wearing spaghetti strap.

mother look

10. When you see them drinking anything with more than 0% alcohol.

faint stress

They have started drinking hot drink, next thing they are carrying cutlass.

11. When they start befriending the opposite sex instead of facing their book.


They will now bring home grandchild you did not ask for.

12. When you ask them a question and they answer you or worse, they don’t answer at all.

am i your mate

Their cult is doing silent meeting.

13. When they say they don’t want to go to church because of small sickness.



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