Terrorism FM? Boko Haram Launches Radio Station On 96.8 Frequency

Boko Haram, has set up an FM station broadcasting on 96.8 frequency, the Hausa service ofVoice of America reports.

According to the report, villagers living in the village of Tolkomari in the far north state of Cameroon said they tune to the station which spreads Boko Haram’s propaganda challenging statements from the Nigerian government claiming that it is winning the war against the world’s deadliest terrorist group.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has, practically declared victory over Boko Haram saying, at various times, that the terrorist group is “technically defeated“, “decimated“, “unable to launch spectacular attacks“, “on the run“, and “dying of starvation“.

This week, the group launched a daring attack on a village near Chibok Town in Borno State, killed 4 people and kidnapped 3 women.



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