The Evolution Of The Yoruba Demon

We all remember the sneaky advent of the ‘Yoruba demon’.

The scary phenomenon that made some verses in certain holy books wet their pants and give up “the scaring you straight” game. It all started in the magical land called Twitter Naija where the Yoruba boys were undergoing a warfare against their inherent f#!kboy behaviours. Little did we know that such behaviour would mutate into the now commonly known term “Yoruba demon”.

Image: twitter/Yommie_Scream

For those who have forgotten what a Yoruba demon is, here is a little definition.

Yoruba demon (n): a charming guy who sweeps you off your feet by doing all the right things, only to let you land on your face. Refer to “Serial heartbreaker”.

Recently, these demons have left their usual mode of dressing and operation as many of us have caught on. They have started abandoning their regular trad, dark ray ban glasses, expensive gadgets for suits, beards and other things meant to throw our cautious FBI-like investigative skills off their trail.

Image: Doug Meszler / Splash News

The Yoruba demon disease is spreading to other eligible Naija guys out there, thus rendering the name “Yoruba demon” irrelevant. Any guy from any tribe can now be classified a Yoruba demon.

Ladies, just be on your guard for your non-Yoruba boo may just be a Yoruba demon.


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