TheTop 5 Causes Of Infertility In Women In Nigeria

One of the problems faced by many women today is simply the inability to get pregnant especially after the first one year of trying to get pregnant, and this alone has pose a lot of issues in the minds of women as to why they cannot seem to get pregnant naturally.

Why that is been said, the truth is there are lots of causes that has actually led to this which you might not be aware of which is why I will like to orientate you on what you are going through right now.

So what are the causes of infertility in women.

Damage/blockage of the fallopian tube: A lot of women either have a damage fallopian tube or a blocked tube which actually simply prevent the sperm from reaching the eggs.

When a woman has her fallopian tube blocked, it greatly reduce her chance of getting pregnant.

Which is why women need to go for a test such as HSG to check if their fallopian tube is in check.

Age of the woman: The older you become, the less the quality of the egg that is been produced every menstrual cycle, which is why people always advise women to actually get married early enough so that she can actually get pregnant at the early stage as her egg is actually of high quality and not yet affected by age.

There is actually a way around it. Do read on.

Hormonal Imbalance: Situation arises in women whereby there hormones is simply off the chart and when this happen either through the progesterone or the oestrogen, it actually creates an imbalance that furthers limits your chance your getting pregnant in women.

This is one of the reasons why you need to work with your doctor to detect this.

There is also a way around this for women experiencing such. Do read on.

Weight Gain: Situation arises that lead to infertility. One of this is simply through the lifestyle that we live that has actually led to weight gain in the body.

Some women are actually FAT which is why whenever they even visit the doctor, they are advised to first lose those weight which is the first step to helping you get pregnant.

No Known Causes: Well this last one is simply for some set of women who is been said that every test that they have done is okay and they should get pregnant easily but then they still don’t get to see the result.

This is not because something magical is preventing them from getting pregnant, It simply means that you are not doing the right thing in terms of the foods that you eat or the ways through which you live.

All this causes listed above can all be corrected.


Source: Linda Ikeji’s Blog


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