Things Nigerians Miss When They Travel Abroad

There is no country on this planet you won’t find a Nigerian especially our Igbo brothers.

While many travel to search for greener pastures, others go abroad to school. Whatever your reason for “janding”, there are certain things about our area (home according to Sound Sultan) that you will miss:

The famous Naija brotherly Love

As much as we love minding our business, there is an intense of belonging here in Naija. We’re always ready to show some brotherly love to our fellow Nigerian. We even go as far as giving unsolicited advice. We care that much.

Image: TheSheetNG

Screaming Up NEPA

While you may enjoy uninterrupted power supply abroad, you end up having nostalgic memories of screaming up nepa. I know you miss screaming it.

Image: UpNepaNigeria

Traditional Food like Mama Used to Make

No matter how much Egusi or Ogbono is exported, Naija food outside Nigeria never tastes as good as the one made in Naija. Don’t even get me started on substituting spinach for waterleaf in Vegetable soup.

Image: NigerianFoodTV

Owambe the Naija Way

You can throw an owambe abroad but it would never compare to the Aso-ebi wearing, money spraying, traditional music and Naija vibe of a real Owambe. Like Banky W said, “Ain’t no party like a Lagos Party.”

Image: ArtsAndAfrica

Proper Naija Street Food

Where will you find Boli, Okpa, Kilishi or Suya to buy on a street in the UK or USA? Just keep dreaming of the good street food.

Image: 9jaFoodNG

Haggling at the Market

Haggling is a Nigerian way of life. You may like paying for stuff without haggling. But that gets old quickly. Haggling is an art form the average Nigerian practises with gusto.

Image: YouTube
source: OmgVoice

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