Today In Nigerian History: 25th July

On this day in 2014, Nigeria’s first Ebola Virus Disease, EVD,  Patrick Oliver Sawyer, a 40-year-old Liberian male notable for being the index case for the introduction of Ebola virus disease into Nigeria during the West African Ebola epidemic died.

The patient travelled by air and arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, on 20th July via Lomé, Togo. He was symptomatic while traveling, and was admitted to a private hospital immediately on arrival and died on 25 July.

On 22 July, a sample was taken and preliminary laboratory analysis was conducted in the virology laboratory of Lagos University Teaching Hospital and tested positive for Ebola virus.

The outbreak brought into the country by Sawyer resulted in 19 confirmed cases of Ebola infection and eight deaths. As of October 2014, the Nigerian Ebola outbreak was regarded as having been effectively contained. On October 20th, 2014, Nigeria was announced as Ebola-free by the WHO, following two incubation periods without any further reports of infection.


Source: Information Nigeria


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