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Togolese’s Emmanuel Adebayor Goes Romantic On Nigerian Actress Genevieve Nnaji – “Baby call me or?”!!

Wow…. This tells how beautiful Nigerian actresses are. Virtually all top male celebrities want to have them as wife because they’ve got the wifey materials and are potentially blessed, you know what I mean, don’t you?.

Already some bloggers have started reporting that they might be dating just because he called her baby under a photo Genevieve just posted on IG. Lol. Let’s tell you what we know about Emmanuel Adebayor the footballer. Emmanuel has a daughter with his babymama, though not married, they live together has a couple, and he sometimes talks about how he cherishes her despite not taking her to the alter yet.

I am not saying Emmanuel cant do some away game, you know, lol, but of course not with GENEVIEVE. He is in a relationship, she wont! Thank you. LOL


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