Here Are Top 10 Of Lagos’s Skyscrapers; The Nigerian State With The Highest Number Of Tall Buildings…..

Undoubtedly, Nigeria is rated one of the most economically developed countries in the African continent and has a very high population to cater for with buildings that reach for the sky and symbolise a nation’s power and self-pride.

Generally here, the concentration of highrise buildings are localized around the commercial capital, Lagos which has  experienced rapid growth.

We present you 10 of Lagos’s skyscrapers.

1 Necom House (NITEL Building)

NECOM House is the tallest building in Nigeria and in all of west Africa. The 32-storey building stands at 160 metres and houses the headquarters of NITEL, the principal telecommunications company in Nigeria. It is located in Marina, Lagos and stands at 520ft (160m)

2 Union Bank Building

Union Bank Building with 407ft (124m). It is also located in Marina, Lagos and serves as the headquarters of the Union Bank of Nigeria. It has 28 floors in the building.

 Intercontinental Hotel Lagos

The luxurious hotel which is 344ft (105m) tall is located in Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island Lagos and has 22 floors and was built in 2013.

4 Independence House

The Independence House alternatively known as the Ministry of Defence building is located in Lagos island. It has 23 floors and was built in 1960. The building is the first high-rise building in Nigeria and is 338ft (103m) tall.

5 CBN Lagos

The Central Bank of Nigeria building in Lagos was built in 2013 and has about 19 floors. It is about 330ft (100m) tall and is located in the heart of Lagos Central Business district.

6 Great Nigeria House

The Great Nigeria House has 22 floors and is located on Martins Street in Lagos Island. Currently, the building houses the Mainstreet Bank of Nigeria and a few warehouses. It is about 312ft (95m) tall.

7 Sterling Towers

Sterling Towers is a 23-story high-rise building in Lagos, and about 83m tall

8 Stock Exchange House

This incredible tower houses the stock exchange of Nigeria,  is an 83m building of 22 floors.

9 UBA House 

UBA House is a 20-story high-rise building in Lagos which is about 80 m (260 ft) tall.

10 Eagle House

Eagle House located in Marina is a 20-story high-rise building  which is about 78 m (256 ft) tall.



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