Top 10 Richest Nigerian Nollyhood Actors

In most Nollywood movies that we watch these days , almost all Nollywood actors play the role of rich and wealthy men but only few of us bother to ask if they are really rich and wealthy in real life situation . Most Nollywood actors has been able to make it really big in life through acting and there has been questions partaining who the richest and highest paid Nollywood actor or actors are in Nigeria Movies industry .
Over the years , Nollywood movie industry has opened an oportunity for many Nollywwod actors to showcase their acting skills and gift , but just few of them has been able to tap from this opportunity .
It has also come to our notice that only few of Nollywood actors has been able to take advantage of the once in a life time opportunity given to them and they have suceeeded in creating enough wealth for themself through this acting that might be enough to take care of their family both now and in the future .
However, let us not forget that our reason for discussing this topic tonight is to clear the air on who the richest actors are in Nigeria and the highest paid Nigerian Nollywood actors.
Vividly Enumerated Below are the top ten (10) Richest and Higest Paid Nollywood Actors In Nigeria 2015
1. Richard Mofe Damijo.(RMD)
2. Jim Iyke.
3. Nkem Owoh (Osuofia)
4. Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki)
5. Osita Iheme (Pawpaw)
6.Ramsey Nouah
7. Desmond Elliot
8. Mike Ezuruonye
9. Nonso Diobi
10. John Okafor (Mr Ibu)

About Nollywood Actor Richard Mofe Damijo.(RMD)
Richard Mofe Damijo popularly called RMD by fans is a former Nigerian Journalist and Publisher . Richard Mofe Damijo a.k.a RMD has been there right from the day one of Nollywood and he can be address an a veteran Nollywood actor who has contributed a lot to Nollywood progress . He has acted along side Stella Damasus and they use to play the role of husband and wife , this prominent Nollywood actor is occupying the Number one spot on the list of Nigerian Actors Who Are The Richest In Nollywood .

It can be remembered that RMD won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 2005 .
About Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke
If i am right on this one Jim Iyke need little or no introduction and he is often called Nollywood bad boy due to his hot temper in Nollywood movies . If there is one thing i am really sure and proud about, it should be Jim Iyke flair in acting and displaying actions . I personally i don’t really fancy local movies but after seeing Jim Iyke movies i was jealously forced to love Nollywood Movies just becuase of the fact that we still have some talents in the industry .
Talking about the richest Nollywood actor in Nigeria 2015 , Jim Iyke is on that list and he is occupying the number two spot .
About Nollywood Actor Nkem Owoh (Osuofia)
Nkem Owoh is an actor , singer who made himself popular after he exhaustively displayed his acting talent the movie titled “Ukwa” . Do you still remember this song that said “Oyinbo man i go chop your dollar” ?? he was behind the song year ago and this song was played in a movie he was also featured . Nkem Owoh was also featured in a movie called Osuofia In London and it was a comedy like drama . The movie will make you laugh and it causes amusement , he got the name Osuofia in that movie .
About Nollywood Actor Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki)
Chinedu Ikedieze is most popular with the name Aki . He became famous after he was featured in a movie with his movie twin brother Pawpaw , the movie that pushed them to lime light was is titled “Aki and Paw Paw” . In the movie they played the role of two troublesome kids that gave people problem in their community . Aki is one of the top ten richest Nollywood actors in Nigeria .
About Nollywood Actor Osita Iheme (Pawpaw)
Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze are brothers when it comes to Nollywood movies . They two started their acting career at thesame time when they were both featured in the movie titled “Aki and Paw Paw” . Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme feel a lot more comfortable when they act together in any movie , and the most notable event is that they started their acting career together .
About Nollywood Actor Ramsey Nouah
The first movie i saw this guy was “Silent Night ” . I don’t know if you still remembre this movie , it was thrilling and intersting . The worst error i could ever make is omitting fine face Ramsey Nouah’s name from this list of richest Nigerian Nollywood actors 2015 .
About Nollywood Actor Desmond Elliot
Desmond Elliot is an actor , politician who has suceeded in inking his name in the list of richest Nollywood actors in Nigerian 2015 . He was officially an actor that has appeared on not less than 200 movies , but right now he has joined politics which made him to be less featured in Nollywood moves . The important part of this celebrity is that he was able to identify himself as one of the richest Nigerian Nollywood actors that has really done a lot for the industry over the years .
About Nollywood Actor Mike Ezuruonye
Back then i use to mistake Mike Ezuruonye for Nonso Diobiand and Nonso Diobiand for Mike Ezuruonye because of their inbuilt characteristics . To me personally i think this two actors bebave alike , don’t you think Mike Ezuruonye merited to be on this list ?? He was able to secure this position because he really merited it according to Nigerian Trend rating .
About Nollywood Actor Nonso Diobi
This is another talented actor who really started well but was later overthrown by Mike Ezuruonye in the Nigeria Movie industry . I can still remeber that i knew Nonso Diobi before Mike Ezuruonye but Mike caught up with him and later left him behind .
About Nollywood Actor John Okafor
John Okafor also known as Mr Ibu is a Nollywood actor that is currently exceling right now . He has been endorsed lately by different Nigeria brands including God Is Good Road Transport Company , Naira Bet and Go TV company . John Okafor is a comedy actor that is massively celebrated by Nigerians ,the comic actor is a very popular personality in the Nigeria movie industry . He is very funny and creative when it comes to acting , he has been featured in not less than 100 nollywood movies .


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