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Top 10 Struggles Only Nigerian Who Attended ‘Summer’ Lesson Will Understand!

1. When you haven’t even started enjoying your holiday and your parents bring up summer lesson.


Kuku kill me.

2. This annoying struggle:

father moneyvia @Chidubem__O

Hay God!

3. You, waking up for school while everyone else is sleeping in for the holiday:


Why me, Lord?

4. When you turn up on the first day in your Christmas clothes.



5. When you enter school for summer lesson and the whole place is empty.


Hian! Am I the only olodo?

6. How you walk into class with your phone so everyone can see it:


(L-R) Simba (voice by Jonathan Taylor Thomas), Rafiki (voice by Robert Guillaume)

©Disney Enterprises, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Gats show off.

7. When people you don’t normally talk to in school try to form familiarity.

who are you funke

Did you miss road?

8. This satisfyingly petty realization:

petty summervia @epmib

See your life outside.

9. You, watching your friends have actual holiday fun:

look out window


When the summer lesson teacher still gives you homework.

are you crazy

Is coming not enough?


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