Top 10 Super Successful Bloggers In Nigeria

Blogging is definitely one of the most popular activities on the internet since the last decade. Blogs are basically used to provoke discussions, as well as update the public on news, information and gossips. Although blogging has been in existence for the past 20years, it’s only in the last seven years it began to gain popularity in Nigeria. At first, many Nigerians felt blogging wasn’t lucrative and they mostly shunned activities relating to it.

Some Nigerians, who had the foresight, saw blogging as a gold mine and invested considerable time and efforts into it and now most of them are millionaires and have become famous as a result of their investments. Most Nigerian blogs have been used as an avenue for spreading gossips, provoking political discussions, disseminating news and many other activities. This article will examine 10 super successful bloggers who have gain fame and fortune doing the business they love to do best.

1. Linda Ikeji

linda-Ikeji nairaland.com.jpg

When it comes to blogging in Nigeria, she’s definitely number one. Her success in this business is part of the reasons why many Nigerians are delving into blogging. She is a Nigerian blogger, entrepreneur, model and writer. She started out as model more than ten years ago, which she left after graduating from the University of Lagos. She started her lucrative blog, lindaikeji.blogspot.com, Late 2010, and ever since then she has carved a niche for herself in Nigeria’s blogosphere.

2. Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe 360nobs.com.jpg

The name ‘Noble Igwe’ may sound strange, but 360nobs.com isn’t. He is the founder of this great website 360nobs.com, which is home for entertainment and lifestyle. Most successful bloggers try to diversify into other things e.g. public speaking, acting, endorsements and many more, after successful setting up and monetizing their blogs. Noble has generally avoided public speaking but has added other business units, 360Delivery and some others, to his amazing portfolio.

3. Uche Eze


Uche Eze is one the few Nigerian ladies that has achieved remarkable success in blogging. She is the founder of one of the leading blogs in Nigeria, bellanaija.com, one of Nigeria’s leading blogs for entertainment, TV, style and many others. Her amazing blog was launched in 2006 and has grown to be one of the best blogs in Nigeria.

4. Jide Ogunsanya


Jide Onasanya is the founder of the popular ogbongeblog.com, in addition, he has a tutorial website that students could access in other to obtain relevant study materials, as well as online tutorials. He originally studied biology at the University, but his creative and writing instincts pushed him into blogging.

5. Chude Jideonwo

chude-jideonwo ekekee.com.jpg

Chude is the founder of ynaija.com as well as the CEO of RED media group. His blog is culture driven and seeks to promote the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. The blog also displays vacancies and has helped lots of people secure credible jobs. This blog is powered by the youth and has relevant segments for teens, opinions, politics, daily news and many more.

6. Mola Ogundele

Mola-Ogundele-400x256 thenetng.com.jpg

When it comes to online music blogging in Nigeria, Mola takes the cake with his notjustok.com music blog. I mean, when you listen to some Nigerian mp3, you would hear his website address mentioned at different intervals, whether you listen to Nigerian music over the web or radio, you must definitely hear a voice pronounce the name of the website, which is actually pleasing to the ear.

7. Loy Okieze

Loy Okieze naijatowncrier.jpg

Loy Okieze chose to stand out amongst bloggers in Nigeria by delving into the technology niche. Most Nigerian bloggers see the entertainment niche as the only goldmine, but Loy Okieze chose a unique niche, techonology, to promote on his website – techloy.com. Currently, he’s is one of the most sought after bloggers in the area of I.T and technology.

8. Oladunni Liadi


Oladunni Liadi is the owner of ladunliadinews.com and she, just like Linda Ikeji, has carved a niche for herself in the field of entertainment. Laidi also talks about fashion as well as the latest gist emanating from the movie industry in Nigeria. Her strong points are her writing style as well as the visual quality of her blog.

9. Don Caprio

don caprio.jpg

Don Caprio is a well-established blogger cum web designer. He is the founder of one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria, doncaprio.com, and he shares his wealth of experience in the areas of technology, coding and blogging. His blog gets a considerable chunk of traffic from Nigeria and that has earned him over 10000 subscribers to his newsletter.

10. Makinde Azeez


You must have heard of naijaloaded.com, Makinde Azeez is the man behind it. He founded naijaloaded in 2009 and has over 500,000 registered users on his website. He isn’t as popular as the other celebrity bloggers, but his website is well known and very popular, especially amongst the youths.

Blogging in Nigeria has come a long way. Linda Ikeji and other notable bloggers blazed the trail, and their pioneering actions have definitely changed the social media landscape in Nigeria. These bloggers deserve the accolades they get because this business is extremely tough. Blogging requires so much creativity and uniqueness and not many people have these amazing qualities to offer.


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