Top 10 Things You Will Find In A Typical Nigerian Bathroom!!

1. The real bathroom in a Nigerian home:


The bathroom begins and ends inside that bucket.

2. Those colourful sponges that look like net singlet:


Everyone in the house has a different colour.

3. That local sponge that looks like bird nest:

local spon

To wash away your sins.

4. The bathroom slippers that your mother has used to stone you.


This is where their marksmanship shines.

5. A million toothbrushes when there are just 4 people in the house:


Nigerians don’t know how to throw away toothbrush.

6. All the toothpastes we have unofficially named ‘Closeup’:


They are all ‘Closeup’. Go and argue in your house.

7. The toothpaste no one wants to accept has finished:

cut toothpaste

It must not waste.

8. The floor rag that is just a retired towel:


Your mother will kill you if you don’t take it out to dry after every bath.

9. That heater that hasn’t worked in years:

water heater

Why are you even there?

10. When you see this, you know the most annoying chore is about to go down.


Ugh! The worst.


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