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Top 5 Most Peaceful Cities To Live-in In Nigeria

Many have argued that Jos shouldn’t be here, but it’s been included anyways.

Compiling the 5 most peaceful cities to stay in Nigeria is no mean feat, but it is doable given the fact that people are looking for peaceful places to raise a family and live without fear of recurrent bombings and kidnappings. So if you want a place where the local people are very friendly, where English is generally spoken, where you can put up a house and retire to, where you can raise your children, where you can sleep with both eyes closed without fears of kidnappings or ethno-religious crises, and where security is assured without fears of armed crime, then you might want to read on.
So using these as the yardstick for compiling this list, here is your list of the most peaceful cities to live in Nigeria:

1. Ekiti – The Fountain of Knowledge


Ekiti peoples are known for their love of academic knowledge than anything else…and oh, sorry, their love of farming. With over 70 towns in Ekiti state, it is easily the state with the most number of academic professors in Nigeria, and it is either an Ekiti man goes to school or goes into large-scale farming. Ekiti is very peaceful and rural in nature. The people are peaceful and peace-loving, and you might never have heard of any kind of crimes or civil unrest or any untoward thing in the state. Considering their Ekiti Parapo mantra, meaning Ekiti Unite, the people are very united and this makes any town in the state a quality place to live and raise a family because of relative safety and peace.

2. Jos – Home of Tourism


Whether you like it or not, Jos in Plateau state remains one of the most peaceful cities in Nigeria. From time immemorial, Jos has been attractive to all and sundry because of the peculiar weather and the hilly countryside. This writer has been there and lived there for one year, working as a reporter and travelling many towns and cities and local government areas of the state, it remains one of the most peaceful cities to live in Nigeria. Of a true, there have been pockets of religious crises and associated bombings in recent times, but any man “on the Plateau” or in “J-Town” will tell you these are carried out by mercenaries from other communities or by Hausa-Fulani herders from other states.

3. Ibadan – The Pacesetter State


It is funny that IB-City is featuring on this list again, but that is essentially because Ibadan in Oyo state is a city with many qualifications and credentials, peace being among them. To the average Lagosian, Ibadan is dull and without life – meaning that Ibadan is very peaceful in terms of everything. Compared to Lagos or Onitcha or Port-Harcourt, no one makes haste in Ibadan or runs after transport services; no one cares whether a trigger-happy policeman is going to shoot someone based on “accidental discharge”; and no one really cares whether you use a Lamborghini or a Datsun – everyone is nearly equal. The only incident that put Ibadan in the limelight in recent times is the Soka saga, and it was just a flash in the pan.

4. Benue – The Food Basket of the Nation

Benue is one of the most peaceful state in Nigeria, and its people are very peace-loving. Most of the people are into farming, and they are known to grow subsistence crops that sustain many people in Nigeria. Makurdi is the capital of Benue and it remains a thriving hub of peace and progress for its people who speak various languages. There is never a spate of killings in Benue or a round of political violence as you have in other states of the country. Whatever the yardstick, Benue is definitely a place to live and die in full age because of peace and safety; and forget those stories about armed robberies, because it is one-hundredth of what characterizes the state.

5. Owerri

Be truthful for once, have you ever heard of any religious crisis or political tensions in Owerri? You may have heard of events in Aba and other neighbouring towns, but Owerri? That is doubtful. It remains one of the most peaceful cities with quality life expectancy in Nigeria. It is beautiful and the delight of movie producers who visit the city to stage movies and other entertainment events. You can do business in this city, raise a family in relative safety, attend college or university, and live the best of lives in this city that is never in the news. Yes, that is correct. Owerri rarely features in the news because you don’t have unpleasant events happening there. It is just peaceful and one of the most tolerant cities in Nigeria. You visit the city today and enjoy quality warmth from amidst the local people who treat every stranger and tourist like a member of family; and another thing, it is a very low-cost city where you can spend a few thousand naira for as long as you desire.



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  1. Your assessment for peaceful cities is full of biases. It also demonstrates your lack of knowledge indeed for the peaceful cities in Nigeria. Jos shouldn’t be there in the first place maybe in the past but not anymore@ least for the past 3-5years. And Benue? I don’t think so though better than Jos that you placed second that shouldn’t be there in the first place. I am really surprise Calabar didn’t make this least
    and even Enugu. The fact that people do not rush in Ibadan as in Lagos does not make it peaceful. We all know it used to be one of the volatile cities in those days and these violent eruptions occur intermittently. Please use a proper yardstick for your assessment or change the title. That’s my opinion, thank you.

  2. Raphael,
    I think the writer has tried and you have tried too. I agree with you that Jos and Ibadan should not make the list at least for now. However, Makurdi can conveniently make the list of the most peaceful towns in Nigeria. You can operate in Makurdi any time anywhere without fear of anything. I can attest to that fact.
    I also agree with you that Calabar and Enugu should be on the list, they are very peaceful towns. Another peaceful town he left out is Yola the Adamawa State capital. It is a very peaceful and almost crime free town. I was in Yola for more than a decade and you hardly hear of criminal activities or anybody harassing you in the name of religion or ethnicity. That State houses the highest number of different tribes in Nigeria with good number of both Christians and Muslims. It’s really a home away from home.

  3. I think I agree with both of you to some extent. But please don’t mention Enugu when it comes to peace and security. I lived in Enugu for almost 8 years, so I know what am saying. But, what about Benin if I may ask?

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