Top 5 Popular Dance Style In Nigeria And Their Source

Dance is said to be moving the body to the rhythm and beats of an organised sound. Over the years in Nigeria, dance steps have evolved from one step to another with different music artistes coming up with different styles that suits their songs.


Below are 5 top dance steps and tutorials which are still trending in Nigeria.


Azonto is one of the most recent dance craze that has taken the world by storm since the latter end of 2011. This one is from Ghana but was popularized in Nigeria by Wizkid and then, Fuse ODG. It is an expressive and communicative dance that lets you communicate what you may have in mind while the music is going on. It begun with one or two-step movements but has effectively evolved from a few basic moves to miming actions such as ironing of clothes, washing, driving, boxing, praying, swimming, and others meant to amuse an audience. It allows you get creative as you create your own dance pattern. Just like most African dances, Azonto involves knee bending and hip movements.


Davido’s Skelewu became a Mega hit. He shot two videos for the addictive song which also came with a dance. However, Dammy krane laid claim to the dance moves as many critics claimed it resembled the artist’s Gbetiti dance. Skelewu was and is still the one we know sha..


Etighi is one of the new-school dances brought from the Calabar/Akwa Ibom part of Nigeria. It involves the hips being carried up and alternated in left and right direction. It also can be mixed with azonto as you can have the hips up and the hands doing the azonto. It’s popular in songs like ‘Kukere’ amongst others. Iyanya clicked the right buttons and launched the Etighi dance which is a dance from where he hails. Although other artists have released music videos with the etighi dance style, Iyanya’s Kukere remains the most recognized.


Shoki is one of the most loved dance styles in Nigeria, and it seems to match every beat. The originator is disputed but the battle is between Lil Kesh and Orezi. Apart from the dance style, the Shoki slang has also penetrated almost every high institution in the country.


Consistent hit maker Olamide made a massive hit from the song, ‘Shakititi bobo,’ which came with a nice dance style. The dance has since gone viral and though an upcoming artiste claimed Olamide stole the Bobo dance style from him, the dance step is still popular and accepted.


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