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Top 5 Reasons Why Most Beautiful Ladies Are Still Single

I think 2016 was the year of the ugly chicks, it’s like all of them ate liver and they knew no one would readily toast them so they took the law into their hands and started doing the toasting and it worked for them. That’s why if you’ve noticed, you’d see really handsome guys dating ‘not so pretty women’. The funny part is that while most of the not so pretty women(i just realized that using ugly is inappropriate) were busy fishing for their Mr. Right the beautiful ones were just dulling and complaining that there aren’t any good men around.

After doing a two day research to do this article addressing the top 5 reasons why the hottest and the most beautiful of them all are still single.


1. THEY FOCUS MORE ON THEIR CAREER THAN THEY DO ON MEN: Hustle is real for not just men but women as well. Most of the hottest girls work a lot of hours a day, including weekends as they focused on their career and want to climb as many ladders as they can. They are consumed with work, and coupled with the traffic there is little or no time for actual recreation , making the chances of them meeting men much slimmer. The few who end up creating profiles on online dating sites eventually give up as they may never get the time to meet up with their interests or when they do, they find they have been deceived.


2. EVERYONE ASSUMES THEY ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP: This is a number one reason most of the hottest girls are still single. A lot of men assume that because the girl is pretty, has an education, makes her own money, and seems happy, she must already be taken so they give up even before they start. They do not bother to get close to the girl or even ask her out as they feel they would be fighting an already lost battle.


3. THEY SET THEIR OWN RULES: In Nigeria, most girls are generally groomed from a young age to believe that finding a man and having a family is the most important accomplishment in life. As a result, there is the expectation from the society that a girl above 25 should either be married or in a serious relationship that would lead to marriage. The thing with girls, though, is that they do not conform to this dictate of the society. Girls most times is occupied with so many other things making “finding a man to spend the rest of her life with” an item not so high on her list of to do’s. Basically, she makes her own rules and lives the way she wants to rather than being told what is and isn’t appropriate.


4. MOST OF THE MEN ARENT AS COMMITED AS THEY SHOULD BE: Thanks to modernization and influence from western cultures, a majority of Nigerian men, especially the one in Lagos have adopted the “hook up culture”, and this now seems to take precedence over serious relationships. It is therefore now difficult for beautiful girls to find commitment in a sea of men who just are not into it. Hence they remain single.


5. MEN ARE INTIMIDATED BY THEM: Beautiful girls are one of the most confident girls in the world, especially the hot ones. While the confidence can be attractive, it tends to make the men want to run for cover. Usually, even the cockiest of men will second guess themselves before even daring to approach a beautiful girl. They get intimated and scared as they do not want to risk getting rejected.


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