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Top 5 Reasons You Should Stop Going To That Church


The House-of-God is supposed to be a house-of-prayer and a place of spiritual guidance and upliftment, however, the events of these days speak otherwise. Many have seen hell in the hands of pastors and priests who they believe will show them heaven. Many Christian faithfuls of these days are being misled by people who are supposed to be men-of-god.

These fraudsters have found a way to twist religion and serve it as sweet wine on which the people get intoxicated that they do not think rationally anymore. Below are two real life stories that tell of the devilish times in which we find ourselves. After the stories, are 5 key reasons why you might need to stop going to your church.

With so many claims and counter claims which tends to continually drag God’s name in to the mud, below are 5 reasons why you must either leave your church for another or completely stop going to church.

1. No concrete sermon

If all they say in your church are the things that are popular, the things that everybody wants to hear, then you might be in a very wrong church. It is said that the word-of-God is a two-edged sword, it should pierce a person’s soul such that they can die to sin and to resurrect in the faith of Christ.

2. Every day is for tithe

If all your pastor or prophet does is to tell you to sow seed and pay tithe, well you might as well call yourself another philanthropist. Prosperity and tithe preaching is definitely not all that you go to church steadily.

3. Class separation and neglect of the poor

It is said that before God, everyone is equal, however, not every church operates on this principle. Hence, if in your church there are special seats for the rich and the other for the middle class and another section for the masses, then you must either quit your church or stop going to church entirely. You must be sure that whichever church you belong to does not have the class issue where there are pharisees, Sadducees and scribes, all drawn away  from the plight of the common people.

4. Unnecessary Night vigils

If you belong to that Christian group that fasts and goes to church everyday for night vigil, then I wonder which other time you have to put your life in perspective. Even Christ did not fast and do all night prayers everyday. Sometimes we pray that God helps us do the things we can do for ourselves. There must be time for many other things, ask yourself how would you who is seeking the fruit of the womb get one, when you barely have chance to make babies with your spouse?

5. Unbiblical rites and rituals

When stories like a married woman going to live in a pastor’s house for deliverance pops up, or a story of a man’s wife allowing herself to be bathed by a prophet, one wonders why God gave humans brains, if  not to think properly. You can blame it on desperation, however, there is no excuse for why one should allow him/herself to be molested in the name of religion. If your church still believes in rites and rituals that are not in line with the principles of the bible, then maybe its time to change that church. Having a fellowship with one’s self would have been proffered as a solution to all the inherent problems that religion has caused this world, however, the Christian Holy Book says do not despise the gathering of the brethren, however, if one must go to church, then we must ensure it is one whose principles are based on the bible and the bible only.


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