Top 6 Reasons Why President Buhari Mut Not Die In 2017 Or Before 2019


So many things have been said about the way state affairs would play out for Nigeria within the course of 2017 and beyond.

The year 2017 was ushered into Nigeria with a series of very frightening prophesies from different men of God of diverse faiths and beliefs.

However, one of the most frightening prophesies made, is the prediction that President Muhammadu Buhari would either die in 2017 or before 2019. This more scary because it was prophesied by not just one cleric or prophet, but by several.

2017 prophesies: 5 reasons Buhari must not die before 2019

Having sat down and given this prophesies a thought, one will find out that the death of President Buhari will in no way do the nation any good.

Below are 6 major reasons why President Buhari must live healthily throughout 2017 and beyond 2019.

1. The antigraft war: As much as many would like to argue that the antigraft war has in some ways be partial, we can all agree that the war against graft has enlightened Nigeria, opening there eyes a bit more to what has been going on the corridors of power.

2017 prophesies: 5 reasons Buhari must not die before 2019

President Buhari needs to see the antigraft war to the very end.

Now Nigerians can tell which of the leaders they voted for, went in for the good of the people, and they can tell of those who went in to squander the nation’s funds and leave the people in penury.

President Buhari needs to stay alive and see the fight through, if not to its very end, but to a point where we have more credible leaders in power. Better still we can say he needs to live on till the war has birthed a set of leaders that understand that the people are wiser and they will be made to give account of their stewardship when their tenures are over.

2. Continuity: If there is a great problem that has been suffered in Nigeria, it is the lack of continuity. Most leaders are not allowed to finish certain projects that they have started, before the advent of a new government, and before you know it, the new regime kicks off, destroys what has already been put in place in a bid to achieve a personal goal, instead of building on what has been left behind, for the benefits of the people.

2017 prophesies: 5 reasons Buhari must not die before 2019

Continuity is key to the progress of any nation.

President Buhari needs to stay alive and live out his time as commander-in-chief, such that there is no excuse that time was not enough to finish certain projects or lay down a very solid foundation upon which greater monuments can be built.

3. To avert national crisis: Governance in Nigeria is not an easy task, it is very delicate and must be handled with care. An issue like the demise of the current president before his time elapses, can lead to great crisis in the nation. As claims of fowl play by any party can cause yet another civil unrest, especially in these times when there are many warring factions.

2017 prophesies: 5 reasons Buhari must not die before 2019

The life of President Buhari must be preserved, for in so many ways it can be the key to averting or igniting national crisis.

4. Zoning: The issue of Zoning has for too long marred our progress as a nation, especially because we still have not been able to operate a true federal system of Government. It is sad that Nigerians see themselves as either from the east, west, north or south, before thinking of themselves as Nigerians.

2017 prophesies: 5 reasons Buhari must not die before 2019

Some zones in Nigeria, are of the opinion that they have been sidelined and would do anything to have their chance at the seat of power.

That said, the issue of Zoning will rear its ugly head again, if President Buhari dies before 2019, as the honours will fall on Professor Yemi Osibanjo, however, the northerners will not agree, they would rather seek yet another northerner to finish out Buhari’s tenure.

A decision that will not only trouble the All Progressives Congress (APC), but would go on to disrupt the flow of things in the Nigerian political system. It also has a tendency to degenerate to chaos.

5. Insurgency: It is true the Buhari-led administration cannot claim all the glory for the successes recorded against the Boko Haram sect and other insurgent groups in diverse regions.

2017 prophesies: 5 reasons Buhari must not die before 2019

Under the leadership of President Buhari, the army has fought gallantly against Boko Haram and have broken virtually every stronghold of the sect.

The army under the leadership of President Buhari has done a great deal, uprooting Boko Haram from the sects strongholds in Sambisa and ensuring that the mop-up exercise is clean.

6. Economic growth: President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he met an economy that was almost but a carcass, he and his team have been working assiduously to see that the nation gets back to its feet economically speaking.

2017 prophesies: 5 reasons Buhari must not die before 2019

President Buhari must lie through 2017 and even beyond 2019 to see that recession is a thing of the past, as his government has promised.

If there is a place where continuity needs be emphasized, then it is in this case, because if anything should see Buhari off the current affairs of Nigeria’s economy, then we might have to go back to square one, where the new leader would say he or she also inherited a dead economy and Nigerians would have to wallow in squalor for longer than expected.

It is in our own interest to pray that President Muhammadu Buhari finishes his tenure successfully, that way we can tell for sure how much progress we have made and how far back we might still be in terms of progress.

After an evaluation must have been done of the Buhari-led administration, then we can be sure that whoever is coming on as leader of the nation has counted the cost before undertaking the journey. It is only then that we can see growth come at a very rapid rate, because such a leader would have learnt from the mistakes of the administration before his/hers.


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