Top 6 Nigerian Food Combos We All Love

beans and plantain

Some foods just go together and have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship that sometimes extends to their sellers.

Here is a list of Top 6 Nigerian foods that are better when eaten together.

1. Bread and beans


Ewa agoyin and beans are a match made in heaven, and many Nigerians consume bread and beans as a meal. Ewa agoyin without bread is incomplete, for the full experience, eat both as a single meal.

2. Indomie and egg:

Indomie and egg

Seriously, is there even need for an explanation? The default way to eat indomie is to serve it with boiled or fried egg.

3. Garri and groundnut:

Garri and groundnut

Ask those who attended boarding school how many times garri saved their lives. Ijebu garri, soaked in cold water and garnished with roasted groundnut is one of the pleasures of life we should never take for granted.

4. Lacasera and Gala:

No they are not proper meals but they are just  important. This combination is the official Lagos traffic survival kit. Lacasera and Gala have saved more lives.

5. Bread and akara:

When soft agege bread is combined with hot akara, magic happens and explodes in your mouth.


6. Yam and fried eggs:

Another breakfast favourite, this combo is heavenly. Boiled yam and fried egg have been husband and wife since before we were born and their combination will last till eternity.




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