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Top spots in Ikeja for the perfect cocktail

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The craze for cocktail in Lagos is unending as new lairs of mixology are consistently popping up in every corner of the metropolis. Lagos is surely the nightlife epicenter of Nigeria, and with Ikeja being its capital, these string of bars and lounges currently burning things up with killer cocktails, have made room for themselves within the area.

For almost every traveler, nothing is more satiating than a perfectly made cocktail, especially if he is looking for a thrill. The tasty mixtures served in fancy glasses have a way of  giving the drinker the illusion that he is getting exactly what he wants out of life.

Visiting Ikeja and craving a drink? Jovago.com shares  top 5 spots to get the perfect cocktail in Ikeja.



Rhapsody, located in Ikeja City Mall in Alausa, Ikeja, is a favorite of tourists who visit Lagos. The bistro boasts of an elegant décor- muted rusts, orange and cream hues merged with solid timber and gold graphics as well as stunning ambiance which allows patrons submerge themselves in an extensive menu of cocktails, as well as elaborate dining options and small bites. The bar serves classic drinks like Mojito, Margarita, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Chapman and more that tastes even better in the bar’s upscale yet relaxed setting.

La Mango

A restaurant and bar with modern settings and interiors, La Mango offers a totally relaxed atmosphere as well as a set of delicious eats that contribute to the enjoyment of excellent mixers. Doors swing open before midday, making it an excellent locale to work from or take a short break from the office. It is rarely packed, so visitors always have a place to sit. The innocuously scored music and healthy chatter spur a pleasant vibe. The cocktails are however one of the key things that keep visitors there as they taste superb and are not as pricey as some other bars in the area.


Pool Terrace Bar

Located in Sheraton Lagos Hotel Ikeja, the Pool Terrace Bar is popular for excellent food, cocktails and a lively setting. A spot of mixological excellence, champagne and cognac cocktail utterly blends with the elegant environs. The clientele is a mix of socialites, politicians, and well-heeled tourists. The staff at the bar take their work very seriously and although the tinctures are big and expensive, they are worth the experience gained from tasting them.

Dubliner Irish pub

A member of the Dubliner Irish Pub chain, this bar basically offers everything a client could possibly want from a cocktail bar: splendidly made drinks by expert mixologists and a cozy setting. They offer a very wide range of cocktails ranging from specialties and classics, including Mojito, Margarita, Apple Martini, Screw Driver, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Chapman, and more. While some items on the cocktail menu look a little different, they invariably taste marvelous, given clients the wonderful feeling of excitement.

Rodizzo lounge bar

Overlooking the busy Isaac John Street in Ikeja, Rodizzo lounge bar is helmed by an excellent team who mix up reliably excellent concoctions.  With almost every choice of liquor well represented, clients are encouraged to suggest their own special cocktail recipe. The bar recently expanded their Lounge Bar services, to include the Rodizzio Terrace where visitors can enjoy viewing experience under the starry skies of Lagos.

Source: blog.ng.jovago.com


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