Trending Hair Styles For ALL Stylish Men

2-face-bald-fashionpheevaIn fashion, there are other details to pay attention to other than clothes, shoes and accessories. It is important to be properly groomed, that is why you need to be conscious of your hair. Hairstyle speaks volumes of your personality. Here are some hairstyles that you can rock st ylishly.

men7Bald haircut: Here, you get everything shaved off, not only is this timeless, it is also stylish. Just don’t forget to always apply scalp moisturizers to maintain your perfect and shiny head.

Clean-Short-Haircut-black-men-haircuts-tumblrClean short haircut: This is the most flexible hairstyle for all face shapes which can easily be styled and maintained with hair moisturizer or coconut oil.

Black-man-dreadlocks-irun-dada-Nigeriadreads: This hairstyle needs time and patience before you achieve it. It requires years of your effort. But once you have it, you are just unbeatable.

Eldee-Lanre-DabiriThe trimmed look: This is just like the clean shaved cut.


The outright daring: This is for daring guys who wants to take fashion to another step.


black short hairstyleAfro: Here, you let hair grow, but always keep it well combed and moisturized.

Short-Patterned-Mohawk-black-men-curly-hairstylesShort patterned mohawk: Mohawk with a twist. This hairstyle breaks the norm with added patterns on the sides of the shaved head makes a clear statement about you.

Short-and-Curly-black-men-hairstyles-tumblrShort and curly: Another simple yet hip and stylish haircut. It is also easy to style and needs lesser attention in styling. The hair can be styled with gel and cream.

Defined-Wave-Cut-black-men-fade-hairstylesDefined wave cut: This defined wave cut has been a classic and professional hairstyle for men. It can be styled by applying a small amount of pomade to the hair. Then, use a boar bristle brush to achieve the gorgeous style.





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