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VIDEO: How To Break Up Without Keeping Grudges

We have all must have found ourselves in a relationship with people we don’t have emotional connections with and would rather be friends with, instead of breaking up in an immature or violent way, address it in a polite and peaceful manner.

Contrary to the popular believe that all breakups must be brutal, painful and filled with betrayals, the following tips would guide through a mature and honest breakup.
  • Do not gossip

As girls it is almost natural for us to gossip, as such making us to tell others that we are calling off a relationship even before our partners know about it.

It is totally wrong to breakup with someone and tell everyone first before you inform the person.

  • Talk to him privately

Have a mature conversation privately, this way everything down to the most personal bits can be discussed. As two adults, we can do away with all the drama that comes with breakup publicly.

  • No sugar coating, Be Frank!

Go straight to the point. Be frank but don’t be brutal… You can state all your points and reasons and still be friends with your partner.

  • Never “use the its not you it’s me” line.

It can trigger a million kinds of emotions. Give actual reasons why you desire the breakup.

Do all the following above and you can walk the sidewalk and still wink and say hello to him.

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SOURCE: Gloria Faj


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