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Viral Message!! “Today Is The Birth Of A Great Fool And A Waste” – Man Blasts His Friend On His Birthday On Facebook!!

black man crying

A birthday text sent by a Facebook user on a friend’s page has gone viral and people are talking about it… probably because it is one of the most shocking birthday messages ever seen in recent times..

The social media user identified as Ayomide Adebiyi added a year and got the most shocking birthday message from one of his friends, Josh Ebenmosi Efurosibina.

The post reads;

“Today is a bad day. The birth of a great f00l.So, 20-something years ago, an innocent and expectant woman was pushing forth what she thought was a son.
Life is so unfair. he must be full of regret every year on May 1st because it will remind her of how she carried such genetic grot for nine months without aborting or seeking medical and divine intervention on it.
You’re such a waste to the world, today should be “Waste day” instead of workers’ day because a walking, talking filth of your magnitude is a miracle.Happy​ birthday, fool. Much love from me 2 you.’

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