Vital Things You Must Know Before Dating A Broke Man


Love can be found in the strangest place, even in the house of a broke man. When you are in love with a financially unstable man, he requires all the support he can get from you as such you need to be sure you can handle the situation. Know that, it is not a crime to be broke! The crime is choosing to remain broke!

Money is known to have been the cause of cheating in 50% of Nigerian girls.

Remember it is your choice to be in love with him.

These factors to consider include:

1. Be sure you want to be a part of his instability.

Be sure you can handle all the mood swings that comes with being broke, without sugar coating it, it would most likely be a rough ride. Except he knows how to manage is temper, he might flip over the silliest things.

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2. Does he discuss his financial plans? It is okay to discuss finances in a relationship, this helps bonding and builds trust. Is he trying to improve his financial situation? Or does he want to start his own business?

 3. Your own finances: First you have to be sure that you can handle an extra cost in your financies. You also want to double check if you are okay with giving him [your] money and sharing your things. This is because love shares.

4. Ask the reason he is broke: Is he in need of a job? or he is just being lazy? Investigate him to get the answers to these questions. What expenditure takes the most of his earnings [if he has a job]Be sure!

Note that he would probably be moody all the time: No one is happy when things are not working out for them.


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