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Do You Want To Be The Next Agbani Darego? Here Are 6 Easy Steps To Become A Model

Forget what anyone says. Being a model is hard work, not to talk of being a successful model like Agbani Darego, Tyson Beckford or Oluchi Orlandi. It takes dedication, persistence, lots of patience and a certain savvy that only determination can help you achieve.

So before you announce to the world that you are now a model just because your friend says you look like one on Instagram, please pay attention to the steps listed below:

1. Know what type of model you want to be

There are a lot of wanna be models who do not know that there are different types of modelling.  For instance, runway modeling and fashion show modeling are quite different from commercial modeling. Commercial models are the ones you see on billboards, magazines, newspapers etc. However, this is not saying a model cannot combine all 3. On the contrary, you can as far as you meet the requirements.

2. Get a good agency to represent you

Nigerian supermodel Oluchi Orlandi is represented by DNA Model Management List all the top models you know and you’ll find out that they are all represented by fashion agencies all over the world. Getting a good agency to represent you is very important. Emphasis on the word good. Your agency will be in charge of getting you jobs, making sure you get paid etc. if anything happens regarding a job, they would be the one to fight for you. But be careful, shine your eyes when picking an agency as there are many scammers out there.

3. Know what you’ve signed up for

Model Roberta Mancino in an underwater shoot. Most people who want to be famous as models immediately change careers when they realize that they cannot cope with the requirements of the job. For example, you may be asked to cut or color your hair, wear an outfit you don’t like, or spend endless hours traveling to the right photo shoot location just for one shot. You have to be willing to accept the challenges of the job. Remember that the idea of modeling is not to give you fame, but instead to create a certain look wanted by the photographer and clients who hired you.

4. Don’t compromise on your values

We all know the story of Olajumoke’s rise to fame. Last we checked, she is still married and has no scandal attached to her Stories abound of how desperate prospective models find themselves in awkward positions. Yes, sleeping with that photographer will get you on the cover of that popular magazine but you have to ask yourself if that is worth sacrificing your self-worth. Even though there is serious competition for roles, getting in with the wrong crowd can only lead to regrettable experiences for you.

5. Always stay updated and keep practicing

Gwen Ananti is a Nigerian model who has worked extensively in Europe You can’t catwalk or pose and you want to make it as a model? You must be joking. Gwen Ananti is a Nigerian model who has worked extensively in Europe and other countries. She shares her 2 cents on how to make it as a model. “You need to have passion for the job. Secondly asides being tutored in modelling, you need to be updated in the world of fashion to know what’s in vogue and what’s not.” Well said ma’am.

6. Having a good headshot is important

Headshot of popular model Fancy Acholonu According to Wikipedia, A head shot or headshot is a specific type of portrait (usually a photograph) that realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance for branding or casting. Many head shots are promotional pictures of actors, models, authors. Make yours as natural as possible.  And it’s best if you don’t over Photoshop it also.



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