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WATCH!! Nigerian Woman Pulls Off Her Dress Inside Public Bus To Fight Dirty An India Man!! (Viral Video)

Sincerely speaking this is a big shame to all Nigerian ladies both home and abroad. It is also a lesson for other ladies to learn from. To show you are not happy with a circumstance doesn’t call that you pull off your wears or go n_ked in public. This is a complete international embarrassment for our dear nation, Nigeria.

A Nigerian woman pulled off her dress inside a public bus while trying to fight in India. In the footage which has gone viral online, the woman can be heard saying ‘You want to fight a Nigerian woman’ before removing her top in front of the shocked passengers.
The woman came in defence of another Nigerian woman (in red top) who had a quarrel with an Indian man on the bus. She later wore back her cloth after the passengers calmed her down….


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