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Watch Video: How To Bake Cake Using Sand And Pot

Before I begin discussing the cake let’s gist little. So yesterday I called a companion of mine to wish her a cheerful birthday and after that inquired as to whether there would be cake, she said she would make her cake however she didn’t have an oven so she’d heat it in a pot. I was stunned when she said she’d prepare it in a pot.

I’ve found out about utilizing sand and pot to prepare cakes however i accepted that is the thing that villagers who couldn’t manage the cost of ovens do yet obviously it’s a thing.

Back to my story, she then let me know she’s made heaps of cakes with that strategy yet I expected that the quality and surface of the cake would be crappy yet then she demonstrated me pictures and I was stunned.

Apparently it works. So for those of you willing to try, here’s a short video of how to bake cake using sand and a pot…without an oven.

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