What Your Sleeping Position with Your Partner Says About Your Relationship

Your sleeping position tells a lot about who you are as an individual and the physical consequences it may or may have on your body in the long run.

Similarly, the way you cuddle up at night with your significant other can reveal the healthiness of your relationship. Psychologist Corrine Sweet and sex expert Tracey Cox explain what your sleeping habits with your lover says about your connection.

Spooning – This is the classic position of many couples as they fall asleep. This shows that one partner is protective of the other and that trust is mutual. This also reveals that the couples’ sex life is most likely thriving. Experts say no couples cuddle or spoon while sleeping if they are frustrated or resentful of the other.

The Chase – Although it looks very similar to the spoon, this one is usually not reciprocated by one partner. One partner sleeps freely on their half of the bed while the other forces a cuddle session. This shows that the person who is forcefully spooned wants to be sought after or is simply playing the ‘hard to get’ game.

Back Kissing – This position could come off as a bad sign as both parties are looking away from each other. The physical contact in this position is minimal but very important. It shows that there is a healthy balance in the relationship and a good amount of intimacy.

The Liberty – The least physical of sleeping positions, this could actually mean good things for your relationship. According to Psychologist Sweet, the spaced apart couples are “connected and secure in themselves [showing] both closeness and independence in the relationship.”

Intertwined – This is the rarest sleeping position and is found mostly in new couples. It involves the tangling of as many body parts and basically shows that the couple can’t keep their hands off of each other. Usually, the romance will loosen and so will the knot.

The Nuzzle – Very popular with new couples, this shows a passionate or rekindled love. It demonstrates that the couple values intimacy over quality of sleep and comfort. It also allows a partner to depend on the other.

The Superhero – When one partner sprawls him or herself across the bed, it compromises the other’s comfort to sleep in their own space. This position reveals a sign of selfishness: One of the partners in the relationship is uncomfortable and takes a secondary role.

How do you and your partner fall asleep?



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