Why Ladies Should Stop Wearing Tight Panties

Panties for most ladies is a must-have, whether it is tight-fitting or loose-fitting, depending on individual tastes. But many people don’t know that it is dangerous to the health to wear a tight-fitting panties, in fact, studies have shown that tight panties are harmful to human body.

Tight panties disrupt the lymphatic system (that removes wastes and toxic from the body) thereby causing wastes and toxic not to be properly removed from the body which is dangerous.

pantyWearing tight underwear for women increases the chances of developing yeast infection or urinary tract infection because the v**gina won’t breath well.

Wearing tight panties causes irritating effect of the tight material against the skin. When a woman walks around all day wearing tight panties, the material rubs against the urethra and outer honeypot area creating areas of irritation and even small tears. These irritated areas can also be set-ups for infection. This can be a particular problem for women who are prone to honeypot or urinary tract infections.

Tight panties are less than ideal for sweat-inducing activities such as exercising or hiking, they foster unpleasant odours while trapping sweat near the skin increases the risk of yeast infections and blistering along the pant seams.

Vaginal and urinary tract infections are not the only problem associated with wearing the wrong size of pants, they can irritate hemorrhoids and even cause anal lacerations.


It is  more risky wearing it in hot weather because sweating combined with the close contact of the material against the skin, creates the perfect environment for a vaginal yeast infection.



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