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5 Worst Things That Can Mess Up Your Wedding Day (Photos)

These are specific possibilities to function as well as hope versus when arranging a wedding as they could hinder the smooth turn of occasions.

The usual incidents that prevent wedding have actually been listed here as well as eyes must be laid out for them:

1. Cake Falls Over

Imagine the #50,000 cake you just tumbling down as you sit there at the reception before the cut.

wedding goof

2. After paying the caterer over #300,000 for her service and she didn’t show up till 4:00pm.

Guest have been licking TomTom and Buttermint in anticipation for the real refreshments which is always the highlight of the ceremony.

wedding goof2

3. Photographer Forgets The Camera Battery.

Paying a company to videotape the wedding and reception and finding out that he forgot to charge battery. And didn’t cover it till the end could be suicidal for a special day like a wedding ceremony.

4. Forgetting The Ring.

An hour late already because her hair wasn’t done, then they lost ring bearer’s left shoe.

Finally getting to church there to find out that the maid of honor forgot the ring.

wedding goof4

5. Groom showing up almost 3 hours late

Ladies, can you survive the 3 hours with his moblie not reachable?

wedding goof5



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