Wow! It’s Hard To Believe That This Nigerian Professor And Grandmother Is 63 Years.(See Photos)

Prof. Dr. Ifeoma Okoye is a radiologist at the Radiation Medicine Department at the University of Nigeria College of Medicine (UNCM) and University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu. She is also the founder of a non-governmental organisation, Breast Without Spot (BWS)

Dr. Okoye, a mother of three and grandmother of 2, has been married for 36 years.

She posted these photos of her Instagram page today, and also shared some useful tips on how to combat the aging process. See her post and more photos below…

“Am just an ordinary 63year old lady! Yes, with Arthritis, Hypertension, low energy, aches and pains etc, working to combat the ravages of the Aging process through lifestyle modification. I will guide you on how in being diligent, by the special grace of God, I dropped from a size 16 to a size 10, in 2 years! BIG QUESTION- WHEN DOES THE AGING PROCESS BEGIN?? It begins from age 21. And if you are not leading a healthy lifestyle, it accelerates and you achieve degenerative changes prematurely!! So many sudden deaths these days, so many belly fat men and women with PSEUDO- PREGNANCY ( it’s a time bomb!! )

Easy does it. Set a one year target. It took long for the luggage to accumulate. Combine moderate/right eating with sustained 30minutes to 1hr Excercise , at least 3 times a week. Nothing, excessive, sustained healthy lifestyle over a year, and you start seeing benefit! Combine with drinking 60cl of Alkaline water every 1-2hrs and at least 6-8hrs sleep a day and one hour to 2 hrs in prayer, reading the word and meditation daily! That works out to 11hrs a day, leaving 13 hrs for you to work plus accommodate other exigencies. Bless you all.

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